Harnessing evolution with Artificial Intelligence.

LabGenius is a London based tech start-up run by a passionate team of synthetic biologists, data scientists and engineers. Having recently secured $3.6M seed capital LabGenius needed a simple website was needed that effectively communicated their start-up mission and showcased the capabilities of their autonomous AI-driven evolution engine.



Delivering innovative design and development for groundbreaking synthetic biology.

We partnered up with the team at LabGenius to craft a custom designed one-page website  that included intuitive functionality that helped effectively break down their innovative platform and product development. As well as a number of dynamic features, we also worked together to develop their visual assets and build a brand palette that runs through the site design and their offline collateral.



Web design
Web development
Brand evolution

Platform & Timeline.

4 weeks


The University of Chicago

Providing innovative and scalable solutions for some of India’s critical development issues.

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