My summer internship at Noughts & Ones


My front-end development internship at Noughts & Ones is coming to an end (it is my last day today), and what a great 10 weeks has it been!

A little bit about me

I am Giulia, a recent Philosophy BA graduate, and graduating can be a terrifying thought, especially if you have no idea of what you want to do/might like.

I had a stroke of luck about ten months ago, whilst casually reading a uni newspaper that had been left at the side. On there, I found out about this free web development course offered by CodeFirst: Girls, aimed at increasing the presence of women in the tech industry (we currently represent only 17% of the workforce). 

I thought I'd try it, and it turned out to be the perfect mixture of creative and logical thinking, which I have always been drawn to, as well as my passion for languages. In a way, they're both about translating concepts into some syntax with some semantic output (whether that be visual or spoken) - all you have to do is learn the rules! Another stroke of luck came when I read Noughts & Ones' advert for this internship, which sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about the web development world, at a cool creative agency, with a supportive, tight-knit team. 

Spoiler alert: it didn't disappoint!  

So, here's a condensed version of how my summer at Noughts & Ones went

My weeks were roughly split into A/B-type weeks. In week A's I would generally do more front-end development, and week B's I would help out with the marketing side of things.

On my A-type weeks, I wasn't completely thrown into the deep end from the start(!). I started off duplicating a Squarespace website Adam built a while back, which gave me a chance to sink my teeth deeper into the ins and outs of how Squarespace works. I then started working on a mock client brief, as well as starting to help out with a few bits and pieces on clients' live websites. Towards the end, I had a go at my first, start-to-finish little project!

I really enjoyed how hands-on the work I was set for the whole time I was here was, as when I'm learning, I definitely like to just get on with things to see if I actually understand. What was great, is that everyone was always very happy to jump in and help when I got stuck on something, whilst also giving me the resources for me to read over and learn for myself. I never felt like anything was too out of reach for me to eventually understand.

In my B-type weeks, I helped out with the Noughts & Ones social media presence, mainly writing blog posts and creating content for Instagram - this was also fun, as a large part of it consisted in scrolling through Instagram, Awwwards or Dribbble looking at cool web designs for inspiration…

Overall, the variety of work meant I never really got the chance to get bored and I really felt like I had a chance to learn a lot. I started this internship to see whether coding, as well as potentially working in this industry, continued to interest me. Anddd, I am happy to say that I loved it!

So, from someone who has always been a bit lost in terms of careers, to anyone reading this who is now in a similar position, I would recommend to just try new things out - no matter how different to what you're currently doing they might be (and maybe to also read uni newspapers more).

You never know, you might, too, find something you like!