Squarespace Image Reuse - a game changer for media management!


Image reuse is here! What you see in action above is a big deal in terms of managing all the media across your Squarespace sites.

Naturally, Squarespace themes lend themselves to lots of big, beautiful imagery. But until now there has been no cohesive media library in Squarespace to make that as easy as possible - each image block or banner was treated as a completely separate entity that had it’s own associated file. If you wanted to reuse an image throughout multiple location on your site, you’d have no other option but to re-upload.

Now though, as soon as you upload an image to an image block for the first time, it becomes available in the image search dialog under the “Imported” tab! Super useful! No more uploading product images loads of times across your site, or having to drag and drop your logo onto a ton of pages to maintain brand consistency - just grab them from the image manager!

Another bonus (and this requires further testing on our end, but should be true) is that speed should increase. You’d hope that if Squarespace is now smart enough to figure out you’re using the same image in multiple locations on a page, it would simply reference the same file rather than downloading it multiple times - and it should enable smarter cacheing too for images used across the site.

Going forward, we’d love to see this fleshed out into a fully featured media library. The ability not just to have an image available for reuse, but to reference a single file and swap it out for something else, and have that action updated across the entire site, would make our lives a whole lot easier!

We’ve already heard mumblings of this being expanded beyond images, to allow reuse of other types of content - so if you create a call to action with a text block, or get fruity with some custom markdown, you could reuse this across the site.

Fingers crossed 🤞

Click here to see the full documentation on the Squarespace help site.