‘Collaring success’ with our latest Shopify project


We’re pleased to add Bone Idol - Canine Outfitters for Dogs of Distinction - to our growing list of clients.

Bone Idol offer luxury breed-specific apparel, leatherwear and adornments for style-conscious dog-lovers. Founded by passionate dog-lover Jane, Bone Idol products reflect the belief that dogs deserve the best in everything.

Since 2015 Jane has been forging relationships with passionate small makers across the UK including; a leatherwear workshop on the banks of the River Avon, a garment maker in Shoreditch, a jewellery caster in Scotland, a micro-mill wool weaver in London and a knitwear atelier in one of England’s oldest cities.

Bone Idol is more than luxury products, it’s Great British craftsmanship at its finest.

Creative collaboration as it should be.

We were approached by our awesome creative agency partner, Wolfegang, to help get Bone Idol online by building a beautiful custom online store. The new Bone Idol commerce website needed to truly reflect the passion, detail and craftsmanship that is so evident in their products.

Having worked with Bone Idol on their new brand identity and initial website designs, Wolfegang brought us in to help refine them and bring them to life online!


More than just development.

Having previously worked with Wolfegang on a number of projects, we were really pleased to be brought on to the project at an early stage which allowed us to take a ‘creative development’ role (our favourite place to be!) and inform the design phase with our platform-specific knowledge.

We also worked closely with both Wolfegang and Bone Idol to really refine the strategic elements of the website (customer journey, user experience etc) by providing development focused solutions to Bone Idol’s fairly complicated semi-bespoke product offering - the ‘measuring guide’ and ‘breed not shown’ functionality is a good example of this.

We’re not just another “build a website” type of agency - we believe that open and honest collaboration is key to a successful partnership, so we always strive to keep our agency and brand partners involved throughout the build phase.

Once designs, functionality mapping and integrations were all mapped out, we set about building Bone Idol’s new Shopify site with Wolfegang and Bone Idol firmly in the fold.


Custom theme development from the ground up.

Due to the dynamic nature of the layout design and the features/functionality requirements we decided that the best approach would be to build a custom theme from the ground up rather than take an existing theme and ‘shoehorning’ the designs into it.

We built Bone Idol’s custom theme on a local development server using Slate; Shopify’s Liquid-based theme development toolkit.

Building a custom theme using Slate really allowed us to craft this website exactly how the client, and products, needed it.
— Joe Cory, Lead Developer

Bone Idol’s products have a fairly complicated variant structure, so we needed to integrate a plugin that allowed us to break out of Shopify’s 3 variant limit and achieve the required level of variation across all products.

We also used a plugin to achieve advanced customer account data - when placing orders and creating their accounts, customers could also set up ‘dog profile’ information, which we then separated out in the ‘My Account’ area. Not only does this provide an extra level of personalisation to the customer journey, but also allows Bone Idol to feed data into their on-going marketing activities - “Happy Birthday!” emails for customers’ pooches, for example.

Once we’d build out the core theme, it was on to product and content upload (how incredible is their imagery?!) and full testing against the methodology that we set up when the designs were handed over.

A unique site that pushes the boundaries of the Shopify.

We are incredibly proud to have played a part in the creation of a sophisticated and distinctive site that is not only impactful and unique, but truly conveys the craftsmanship and excellence that is at the heart of Bone Idol’s products.

See more at www.bone-idol.com.

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