3 tips for choosing the right Squarespace template


Squarespace has a huge range of designer templates that you can style to suit your business, brand, blog, etc. However, with over 90 templates across 10 families (a group of templates that all have the same functions/framework) to choose from, it is easy to be swept away by the pretty demos. 

Fundamentally, any template can be used for any business so it’s important (although not always easy!) to really look past the placeholder content on a given demo site. It’s important to focus on the core functionality and usability of the templates you’re looking at using.

Here are our top 3 tips for choosing the right template

  1. Identify what the main purpose of your website is going to be. If what you want to do on your website is to sell things, then you should focus on choosing a template with engaging products pages. Whereas if you are a photographer or artist and want a place to display your work, you might want to focus on a template with beautiful galleries and gallery pages. Always try and keep your audience in mind when considering what styles, features and functionalities your website needs.

  2. Identify your ‘need-to-have’ and ‘nice-to-have’ features. Be really specific when you do this - think about things like sidebar navigations, footer, banner content, parallax scrolling, index pages etc. You need to ensure that your website not only has what you need now, but what you may need in the future. The last thing you want is to start building a new site and then realise that a certain template doesn’t have a feature that you really require. 

  3. Map everything out to make an informed decision (make a nice spreadsheet, you know you want to 🤓). When considering your requirements, the Squarespace’s comparison charts page is a good place to start - this will help you compare key features by template family, so that you can easily prioritise your ‘need-to-have’ over your ‘nice-to-have’ features.

If all else fails, and you still feel overwhelmed with choice, the Brine template family is a good place to start. This is usually the go-to base template framework for most of our projects as it offers the most flexibility when it comes to Site Styles.

So, what’s so good about Brine?

It just has wayyy more design features and Site Style settings than any other template. This means you’ll have wayyy more flexibility to create the website that you really love, and works best for you. 

Some key features include:

  • Stacked index pages
    You know those pages that are super stylish, sleek and marvellous to scroll through? Brine is seriously your best friend for creating these. Pair this with some Parallax scrolling effects (see below ↓) and you’ll have an awesomely dynamic and attention-grabbing website.

  • Parallax scrolling
    This effect is exclusive to the Brine family and it involves the moving of background and foreground images at varying speeds, which results in an amazing illusion of 3D depth on screen.

GIF from the Feed template of the Brine family

GIF from the Feed template of the Brine family

  • (Almost) any kind of navigation menu layout possible!
    Brine gives you the option of having a main menu, a secondary menu and a footer menu. AND they can be customised to be in different positions, different colours, sizes, effects, with the possibility of placing your logo left, right or centre.

If you’re looking for some extra special functionality or customisation, you know who to call 😉.